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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Skoda brings a knife to a gun fight – New Fabia launched

The new Skoda Fabia is a result of the new BS IV norms kicking in 13 major metros during April this year. It took them such a long time to come out with the BS4-ready car. The most happening and important segment today for any player is the compact car segment and that’s where Skoda wasn’t fully present all this while.
The new car is not that far from the outgoing one. The one major difference in the new proposition is that (and this one I didn’t expect) they have given an option of 1.6L MPI engine for enthusiastic drivers. This is the same engine that its sister car Polo uses. The rest of the 2 engine are also lifted directly from the Polo. So the 3 engines that are available are:
* I.2L MPI (petrol): 75 bhp @5400 rpm and 110 nm of max torque @ 3750 rpm
* 1.6L MPI (petrol): 105 @ 5250 rpm and 153 of max torque @ 3800 rpm
* 1.2 TDI (diesel): 75 bhp @ 4200 rpm and 180 nm of max torque @ 2000 rpm
Other new features include a new front end, a new steering wheel (lifted from the Laura) and a new stereo (also lifted from the Polo). Yes, someone was very busy in VW’s spare parts section. It is available in 3 variants Classic, Ambiente and Elegance and can be brought in 5 different colors.
The only reason I could find for someone to actually buy this car is the price. The car starts 4.35L (for the entry level) and goes right to 5.99L (for the 1.6L engine) ex showroom Delhi. If you are in Maharashtra, the car starts at 4.19L and goes right to 5.81L.
The hatch market is the fastest growing market in India. All the major auto manufacturers are aggressively hitting this market with very competitive offerings. And this situation is only going to get more aggressive with the entry of Toyota and Honda. In such a competitive scenario, the Fabia can’t put the frighteners on the competition. If anything, it’ll be easily overshadowed by the competition.

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