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Friday, October 15, 2010

Google testing driverless cars

After conquering the web Google engineers have set their sights on making our streets a safer place and making driving hassle free.Their solution is to free humans from mundane driving duty by developing driverless cars. Google has already developed technology which enables cars to navigate on their own and has so far clocked up over 2,30,000 km in California with seven such driverless cars.The driverless car uses video cameras, radar sensors and laser range finders to avoid other vehicles and continue on a pre-defined route via satellite navigation. There is a driver on standby mode to takeover in case of any system failure or emergency. With this innovation Google aims to reduce the number of lives which are lost to road accidents by half and also encourage fatigue free commuting and car-sharing.The technology however is still many years away from production stage so we would still need to drive our own cars for some time to come.

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