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Friday, July 8, 2011

New Maruti Swift will have awesome mileage 20+

Suzuki Swift Hatchback

Maruti celebrated the production of 10 lakh K-Series engines running on road. The K-Series engine will be used are the 1.2 Liter unit with dual VVT (variable valve timing) is a technology that will be soon used by petrol engines worldwide to improve both performance as well as fuel efficiency. Dual VVT technology making it to the 1.2 Liter engine of the new Swift Petrol, that is all set to be launched in August this year. The engine uses variable valve technology for both the intake as well as the exhaust valves, thus pushing the maximum power output by 10 Bhp, to 90 Bhp, even as fuel economy improves.

The swift 1.2 Liter, 90 Bhp engine would be good for a breathtaking 20 KMPL fuel average. If the new Swift manages an ARAI certified fuel economy figure of 20 KMPL, that would make the car the most fuel efficient B segment hatchback in the country, bettering the 18 KMPL+ figure that Toyota claims for the Etios Liva. the new Swifts will feature plastic fuel tanks that are 25-35% lighter than the conventional metal fuel tanks. This also is set to aid fuel economy as overall weight of the car decreases with a lighter fuel tank. Maruti estimates the fuel economy gain to be a whopping 15%  due to the new fuel tanks alone.

The 1.3 Multijet diesel engine gives 23.8 KMPL mileage figure which is outstanding and mind blowing. Also, there are rumours the Swift Petrol getting a 4 speed automatic transmission, which will compete with other automatic cars in the segment is the Hyundai i20.