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Friday, February 18, 2011

Global recall of Honda City for faulty Parts..

New Honda City 2011

The Japanese carmaker Honda SIEL Cars India which has built a formidable reputation amongst premium cars buyers in India will be recalling 57,853 City cars in India due to a faulty engine part. It will include All New Honda City model that it manufactured and sold in India between November 2008 & December 2009. This recall is a measure that is in line with a global recall of Honda’s 693,497 units. The third generation Honda City requires a change of lost motion springs, which are compressed by rocker arms in normal engine use. These springs may bend or break overtime resulting in abnormal engine noise and potentially causing engine stalling and problems in re-starting. The Co. will send a written letter to the respected owners if their car needs to be recalled.

The all new 2011 HONDA CITY

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used Honda Cherry Hill said...

But in the last few years, Honda has been able to sell well to its improved City in the market.