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Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 Indian Formula1 Grand Prix Ticket Prices may start at INR 5000

2011 Indian Formula Grand Prix Circuit
There is some buzz about the possible cost of the Indian Formula1 Grand Prix tickets from none other than Autocar India Editor, Mr Hormazd Sorabjee, who tweeted saying that the cost of the Indian Grand Prix Tickets, could range from INR 5,000 at the lowest to INR 30,000 for the Grand Stand Tickets. The F1 race will be held at the yet to be unveiled Buddha F1 Circuit, off Delhi.
Now, while these prices still are tentative ones, they don’t seem to be good value, especially considering the fact that Grand Stand tickets cost INR 30,000 which is a lot of money, especially for Motorsport event in a country like India, which is yet to warm up to motorsports in a big way, as say cricket.
Also the INR 5,000 cost for normal tickets also appears quite pricey which will make it out of reach of most young people, who cannot afford that kind of money except the richer, well heeled youngsters. What could tilt the scales slightly towards the positive is if the money can buy entry for all three days of the 2011 Indian Formula1 Grand Prix.
Even so, hotel room prices in and around Delhi, which could get exorbitant at the time of the Grand Prix will make the spectacle all the more expensive.  Comparing those prices to the 2011 Singapore F1 Grand Prix, the price of the Indian Grand Stand tickets seem to be higher by 20%. Coming to the case of the cheapest priced tickets which at INR 5,000 is cheaper than that of the Walkabout Tickets of the Singapore Grand Prix which costs SGD 178 or INR 6,300.