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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mercedes-Benz premium small car. A-Class and B-Class

if you wish to survive in the auto business, you’ve got to have a small car in your portfolio. The German’s are slowly but surely realizing this fact. Up till now the German brands were concentrating on the luxury end of the spectrum only. Now though, Mercedes Benz is planning a small car for the masses, a premium hatchback infact.

Mercedes Benz A-Class
Is Mercedes Benz India considering the A-Class or the B-Class hatchbacks? Well, only time will tell. But for now, we think Audi and BMW might be forced to bring in their players too. BMW however, had totally refused to plans of a 1-Series for India. While, it is still not clear if Audi is considering the A3 for India. If Mercedes Benz continue with their aggressive strategy to capture the lower end of the market, BMW and Audi might have to rethink their future plans.
BMW did start of a race with the X1 SUV which has prompted Audi to create their own X1 killer. The Q3 is still under development and the company has gone a step further with rumors of an even smaller SUV in the form of the Q1.


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